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Location and Background

This weather station is located in San Gregorio, California, atop a hill at 570 feet elevation, about a mile in from the ocean. 


North 37 17.825'


West 122 22.840'


570 feet

This station is located on top of the house of a pilot, and was installed primarily as a weather aid for aviators.  Since there is no aviation METAR reporting site on the coast between Watsonville (KWVI) or Monterrey (KMRY) to the south, and Eureka (KEKA) to the North, some 300 miles of coastline are without real-time aviation weather reporting.  Half Moon Bay Airport is especially in need of (and lacking!) such METAR reporting. 

While the weather here is not atypical of the Central Coast, between Half Moon Bay to the north and Santa Cruz to the south, coastal weather is a composite of micro-climates.  The winds here tend to be stronger than average, since the hill top is unobstructed on all sides.  Fog is highly localized.  Often, the hill top is clear, rising out of a solid fog bank below.  Equally often, the top of the hill is completely fogged in, while it is clear below.  Sometimes it is clear here, while Half Moon Bay is fogged in; sometimes vice versa. 

While this station and site cannot automatically report sky conditions (cloud cover, fog, etc.), it will report temperature and dew point, as well as solar radiation level.  These data may provide some indication of the probability of fog existing or forming. 

We have a clear line of sight to Half Moon Bay Airport (KHAF), 15 miles to the northwest.  When we can see the airport, it is usually above IFR minimums (the GPS Runway 12 and 30 approach minimums are 640 and 840 feet, respectively).  We also have a clear line of sight to Skyline, and can see when it is clear for flights crossing the hill between the Bay Area and the coast (especially those that cross south of Woodside VOR (OSI)).  We will post unofficial conditions when we are able (read: sporadically). 

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